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Requirements for filing a european community trade mark application

Full name, address and nationality of the applicant.

A representation of the trade mark (word mark, figurative mark, three-dimensional mark or combinations thereof). If the representation is in colours, please indicate whether the colours are to be claimed.

List of goods and/or services to be covered by the registration. An application may include goods and services belonging to several classes of the International classification, but additional fees have to be paid per class exceeding three.

If a priority right has to be claimed, please indicate number, filing date and country of the prior application.

Priority documents, if priority rights are claimed may be filed with the application or within two months after the filing of the application.

If seniority of national registrations in EU Member States has to be claimed, please indicate registration number, filing date and Member State corresponding to each national registration. Seniority may be claimed only if the national registration belongs to the applicant of the European Union Trademark and the trade marks are identical and cover the same goods and services.

Authorisation to a European Trade Mark Agent (may be filed later).