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Requirements for filing a spanish design application

Full name, address and nationality of the applicant.

A representation of each design (a single application may include up to fifty designs referring to objects of the same kind). The size and quality of the representation must be suitable for a good and clear reproduction. Each representation may include up to seven views of the item.

A short description of each design (optional).

Name of the designer(s) or instructions to declare that the designers have waived the right to be cited.

Deferment of publication: if applicable, instructions to request that publication be deferred for 30 months.

If a priority right has to be claimed, please indicate number, filing date and country of the prior application.

Priority documents (may be filed within three months of the application date).

Authorization to a Spanish Patent and Trade Mark Attorney (may be filed within one month of the application date).

More information about Spanish Designs, including granting procedure (PDF 131kb).